Attendance Requirements

Absences - Whole day, late or early leaving

  • Parents/carers are to notify the college via phone on 4324 4022 or email
  • On your daughter’s return to school provide a note giving the reason for the absence within five school days (seven calendar days). If a written explanation is not provided within this time the absence will remain as an A – Unexplained or Unjustified absence and will be recorded as such on reports.

Application for Leave

  • Parents must send a letter requesting leave of absence, addressed to the Principal, this notification should be received at least 3 weeks prior to the absence. Your letter must include the exact dates of the leave and the reason for this absence from school eg. family holiday (in school time), special circumstances or participation in sporting events etc.
  • Applications for leave of ten (10) days or more require that the relevant application form be completed by the parents and returned to the school. Upon review of this application the Principal may then issue a Certificate of Exemption or Certificate of Extended Leave, a copy of which will be forwarded to you. Please note that this process must precede your daughter going on leave.
  • The attendance system allows only a five day window for the approval for this leave to be registered, if your completed form is not received back within this time your daughter’s absence for this period will be marked as “unexplained” on her report.
  • Please note that the law requires schools to take further action where children have recurring numbers of unexplained or unacceptable absences from school.

School Times

  • The school day begins with an organisational bell at 8.25am and concludes at 2.55pm. 
  • Recess begins at 10.30am every day.
  • Lunch time is 12.35 - 1.15pm every day.
  • Bell times may vary slightly throughout the year to accommodate different events taking place at the college.

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