Physical Activity for Everyone (PA4E1)

Physical Activity 4 Everyone (or PA4E1) is an innovative physical activity program designed to keep adolescents healthy and active.  

Recent surveys show that Australian adolescents are not active enough with only 1 in every 5 students meeting the Government’s recommendation to do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. It is well-known that low levels of physical activity during adolescence often continue through to adulthood, so encouraging and supporting students to be active during the teenage years has the potential for numerous health benefits.

The PA4E1 program is aimed at year 7 and includes 7 physical activity practices that align with the Health Promoting Schools Framework. Below is a visual representation of the program model showing the 7 physical activity practices that will be implemented and the 7 support strategies that will help schools to roll out the program.

As our school is now part of the PA4E1 program we will be implementing a variety of strategies to increase student physical activity levels. Some ways we will do this are:

  • More activity in our PDHPE lessons
  • Creating individualised physical activity plans
  • Resistance training at our school
  • Supervised activities during lunchtime breaks
  • More information sent home
  • Links with sporting organisations and facilities in our local community 


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