Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Program

All pastoral care in Catholic schools "…has as its focus the life of Jesus Christ….. is concerned with the dignity and integral growth of the person….. is a responsibility entrusted to all members of the faith community…… is a force for healing, reconciliation and liberation and is an expression of and commitment to justice." (Diocesan Pastoral Care Policy)


The Year 7 – 12 student well-being and pastoral care program at St Joseph’s is part of a whole school approach to promoting the health and wellbeing of students. Programmed lessons are timetabled every cycle and support other initiatives to create a school environment in which students feel safe, valued, connected, engaged and purposeful.

Research in education, psychology, adolescent well-being, virtues and values education and into the role played by educational institutions in developing social capital, has informed the program’s scope and sequence and the content of each unit of study.

Wellbeing research in particular highlights the importance of connectedness, resilience and strong character development as significant protective factors for young people.

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