St Joseph’s Catholic College is a Systemic Year 7 to 12 girls college founded by the Sisters of St Joseph.

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House System

The current college house system, comprising six house groups began in 2012 as a result of further articulating the college CELL framework which aims to strengthen the schools Josephite heritage, enhance the connection of students across and within year groups and encourage greater student and staff engagement in school events and activities.
Each house is named after a Sister of St Joseph who ministered in our East Gosford school community. Each Josephite sister brought with her the strong MacKillop tradition of ‘never seeing a need without doing something about it’ which is a key foundation statement in the college mission of empowering young women to make a difference in the spirit of Mary MacKillop.

Barnes House

Sr Thomasine Barnes rsj

Sister Thomasine is fondly remembered as a Josephite woman of service for her kindness, humour and efficiency. She was the last Josephite sister to minister in the school as an administrative assistant and was a fervent advocate of recycled paper. Sr Thomasine was extremely supportive of the teaching staff ensuring they had what they needed in terms of class resources.

Carroll House

Sr Madeleine Carroll rsj

Sister Madeleine extended the school to include the MacKillop Wing and Penola Wing. She revamped the School Council and student leadership by creating a school parliament which gave the students a voice in decision making. Sr Madeleine is remembered as the ‘playground principal’ for her love of mixing with the students and also for fostering performing arts festivals.

Dewey House

Sr Marie Dewey rsj

n her time as Principal, Sister Marie saw the college enrolments double in size. During this time she pioneered major curriculum changes as well as initiating a pastoral care program for the students. Sr Marie brought with her some theatrical talent and inspired the first school musical. She also encouraged learning outside the classroom with excursions to Canberra and promoted holiday interstate trips with the students.

Lonergan House

Sr Vianney Lonergan rsj

Sister Vianney was the longest serving Sister of St Joseph in the East Gosford community. She served 35 years in Gosford and was the founding Principal of the current Russell Drysdale site. Sister Vianney was a visionary who anticipated what women could do to create a fair and just world. She was a true MacKillop woman guided by the MacKillop saying “never see a need without doing something about it”. She also saw strength in, and supported, the ecumenical movement in Gosford.

Raftery House

Sr Lyn Raftery rsj

Sister Lyn strengthened the links between the local parish and the school. Her creative liturgies were moving and joyful and she extended parental involvement in the school. Sr Lyn recognised the value of photography in charting the history of the school. She emphasised the importance of sport and extra-curricular activities as a vital part of life. Sr Lyn also encouraged the students to visit the senior citizens and the marginalised in the local community.

Tacey House

Sr Maria Joseph Tacey rsj

Sister Maria Joseph is recognised as the first Principal of the newly formed St Joseph’s Girls’ High School and built the new Melbourne Street site. The values of the school were more important than the actual buildings and Sr Maria Joseph wanted a school community which was inclusive, tolerant and loving. She is fondly remembered for her motto of “love one another as I have loved you”.
Leaders of House

FRONT ROW: Miss Baxter (Carroll); Mr McCudden; Ms Love; Mrs Holding (Tacey)

SECOND ROW: Miss Stevens (Barnes); Mr Banovich (Raftery); Mr Charles (Lonergan); Ms Wedmore (Dewey)