Enrolment Information

Listed below is an outline of the process for enrolment in Year 7 – 2025.  This will be updated as more information becomes available and special dates are confirmed, however, should you wish to speak to the College Enrolment Registrar please do not hesitate to call Ph: 02 7256 2137. Thank you for your interest in Year 7, 2025 at St Joseph’s Catholic College.

Enrol Today!

Year 7 2025

It is always an exciting time for students leaving Primary School and commencing their secondary education, and we hope that you find this site a source of useful and relevant information on the profile of St Joseph’s Catholic College and what it has to offer.

Submission of Applications

Applications for 2025 are now open. The application should include all supporting documentation as outlined on page 10 of the Application Form (incl. copy of Birth Certificate, copy of Year 5 Report and NAPLAN results, copies of holy sacrament certificates (where these have been made), and a copy of your child’s immunisation record). Please ensure all documents are submitted as pdf or scanned copies only, photographs of documents will be accepted)

Enrolment Interviews – Year 7 2025

Parents and students will be invited to attend an enrolment interview with one of the leaders of the college.  These will be 20 minute interviews which will provide the opportunity for you to ask any questions you or your daughter may have concerning the college, curriculum, pastoral care etc.

Withdrawal of Application

You are requested to advise us at any time through the enrolment process if you are withdrawing your application. We thank you for this courtesy which assists with our administration of applicants and planning, and does impact any who may be wait listed.

More to Come

Towards the end of the year as more information regarding uniform fittings, texts and other requirements becomes available we will continue to notify and advise those who have accepted a place in Year 7 2025.