College Community

The current college house system, comprising six house groups began in 2012 as a result of further articulating the college CELL framework which aims to strengthen the schools Josephite heritage, enhance the connection of students across and within year groups and encourage greater student and staff engagement in school events and activities.

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Student Internet and Computer Use Agreement

Access to the Internet means responsibility. Violation of the Student Agreement may result in the loss of Internet privileges and/or other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the college’s Student Management Policy.

I agree that:


  • I will follow the supervising Teacher’s instructions regarding use of the computers.
  • I will use the computers responsibly. Access to the Internet is provided so that I may only access appropriate information associated with schoolwork.
  • I will not load software, shareware or other files on the college computer network, nor make unauthorised copies of software made available for my use.
  • I will not interfere with the normal operation of the computer network by damaging, hiding or altering information or files, or attempt to gain unauthorised access to restricted files.
  • I will be responsible for my network user name and password and will not allow other students to access the network using my login details.
  • I will seek the permission of the supervising teacher before I download any shareware or software.
  • I understand that all information accessible on the Internet is someone’s intellectual property. I will not take the writing of others and represent it as my own. I will acknowledge the source and give credit to the author.
  • I shall report any misuse of the school computers, or any malfunction of equipment to the teacher.
  • I will not use the college computers to send or receive email through any personal ‘hotmail’ accounts, access Internet chat rooms and social networking sites.
  • I will not provide my own personal details (name, telephone number etc.) or the details of any other person, to any individual, organisation or company on the Internet, which solicits such information.


Student Internet and Computer Use Agreement Form