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St Joseph’s Catholic College provides a safe, caring and supportive environment in which each student is shaped by her relationship with Jesus in the Catholic tradition and is inspired by St Mary of the Cross MacKillop to make a difference in the world.

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Religious Education

Religious Education at St. Joseph’s Catholic College is a crucial component of the College’s Catholic Life and Mission. This dimension of the school encompasses the spiritual and intellectual aspects of Christianity in the Catholic Tradition.
Religious Education enables students to develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity in the Catholic tradition. It is designed for all students and is of value to both Catholic and non-Catholic students.


What Will Students Learn About?

The aim is to develop students’ awareness, understanding and appreciation of the richness of the Catholic Tradition founded in the Sacred Scriptures and embedded in the life of the Church, so that they may participate critically and effectively in the Church within wider society.

Students will focus on how we discover, celebrate, understand and find ultimate meaning in our lives.

What Will Students Learn To Do?

Students develop research and communication skills, including the use of ICLT, and examine Catholic perspectives and interpretations.

Students will improve their religious literacy and strengthen scriptural research skills.

Stage 4: Year 7 and 8

All classes at St Joseph’s follow the Religious Education Program of the Broken Bay Diocese. In Year 7 the emphasis is on enabling the students to gain a basic understanding of what Catholics believe and to develop confidence in reading and understanding the Scriptures. Opportunities for prayer and Liturgy are provided and personal development is an important aspect of classroom activities.

Units studied are:

  • Belonging
  • Bible Skills
  • The Gospel Today
  • Covenant People
  • Assessment is by class work, assignments, oral presentations and by end of topic tests.

As part of their program, Year 8 develops more depth in their understanding of Christianity.

Units studied are:

  • Jesus of Nazareth
  • Pentecost/Birth of the Church
  • Sacraments of Initiation
  • Mary and the Saints

The emphasis in the course is on participation and community building. Prayer and liturgy are important aspect of the Year 8 studies in Religion. Students are assessed on their class work, by assignment, topic tests and oral presentations.

Stage 5: Year 9 and 10

Religious Education is studied for 200 hours over Years 9 and 10.

Topics studied in Year 9:

  • The journey of Catholic faith
  • Interpreting God’s Word
  • Jesus in Luke’s Gospel
  • Religious Diversity in Australia
  • Introduction to Youth Ministry or Serving as a Disciple

Topics studied in Year 10:

  • Catholic ethical teaching
  • Social justice
  • Christian prayer or Principles of Youth Ministry
  • Catholic beliefs and practices
Stage 6: Years 11 and 12

St Joseph’s offers senior students a choice of courses to study for the HSC.

  • 1 unit Catholic Studies. This is a non ATAR course but does fulfil requirements of the NSW Board of Studies for the HSC as well as the Diocese of Broken Bay.
  • 1 or 2 unit Studies of Religion. These courses are developed by the NSW Board of Studies and fulfil requirements for the HSC as well as the universities ATAR.