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St Joseph’s Catholic College provides a safe, caring and supportive environment in which each student is shaped by her relationship with Jesus in the Catholic tradition and is inspired by St Mary of the Cross MacKillop to make a difference in the world.

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Association of Josephite Affiliated Secondary Schools (AJASS)

The Association of Josephite Affiliated Secondary Schools (AJASS) is an independent association of Josephite affiliated secondary schools which were formed in 2006.

Currently membership extends to two Congregational (Mount St Joseph, Altona West, Mary MacKillop College, Kensington), are secondary colleges owned and operated by the Sisters of St Joseph) and 26 Josephite affiliated secondary schools from across Australia and New Zealand.

The Association aims to embrace, extend, strengthen and perpetuate the charism of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop in schools which identify with her vision and spirit. By sharing ideas, events, and gatherings, schools that are part of the Association endeavour to develop and grow in the Josephite spirit. AJASS holds regular gatherings and meetings and an annual conference as well as maintaining contact through interschool activities and support.

A structure Joseph Julian and Mary MacKillop (JJAMM) provides leadership training for the student leaders in the AJASS schools to help develop the MacKillop spirit in these young people. In their own schools they hold a JJAMM week where they share the agreed focus with the whole school.

St Joseph’s Catholic College has been a member of the Association since its commencement in 2006.

The figures in the icon reflect the form of the Josephite symbol. The 3 figures represent the schools and Josephites working together to support the students (centre figure).

These groups join together to support the messages of Christ (symbolised by the crucifix).

The colours chosen stand for the black and brown Josephite communities and blue to show how this relationship works in harmony.