Busways Timetable Changes from July 2024

By June 24, 2024 Homepage

Dear Students & Parents,

Please see below a notice we have received directly from Busways regarding the new timetable for buses to and from our school.

The changes are due to Commence Monday 22nd July 2024. There will be several changes to School and Route Services operated by Busways which will impact St Joseph’s students.

Busways drivers will be distributing letters on the affected services each day until end of Term 2, however Busways has asked that we forward this information to parents and students to assist Busways with ensuring all students are aware of these changes and can plan their travel to and from School accordingly.

For further information, please contact Busways Customer Service on 1300 69 2929 or infoline@busways.com.au.

You can access the PDF of the new changes specific to St Joseph’s below.

Thank you.



(3804i) SB 2058 166K
(3806i) SB 2081 179K
(3808i) RTE 32 (650a ex Spencer) 120K
(3810i) SB 2533 & 2565 375K
(3822i) SB 2501 179K
(3792i) SB 2036 112K
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